Dustin Keegan

Dustin Keegan




 1013 (as of 18-Oct-2016)


 Eugene, OR, United States


 5 PDGA Wins

 30+ Non-Sanctioned MPO Wins


 Finishing 9th place at my very first USDGC in 2014. Being on the frontlines for the first DGPT season. Getting sponsored by Innova Champion Discs, as well as DUDE Clothing & LB Disc Golf.


 4 Star Destroyers

 1 S-Line PD2

 2 Champion Firebirds

 1 Champion Leopard3

 1 Glow Champion RoadRunner

 1 S-Line CD2

 1 C-Line PD2

 1 Champion Thunderbird

 1 Recon Mortar

 1 Glow XT Nova

 1 Star Stud

 2 McPro Roc3’s

 1 Swirly Star Roc3

 3 Glow KC Pro Aviars

 (This is the full bag, some discs cycle in and out due to the courses layout or conditions)


 The ultimate playing goal is to win a world title, but I also really want to be recognized as someone who helped grow the sport in schools and with today's youth. For 2017, my goals are to win at least 5 PDGA events (including my first A-Tier win), compete and challenge for wins at Pro Tour Events, NT's, Majors, and get my rating over 1020. Another ultimate goal of mine in the sport of disc golf is to become a course designer. I have already built some courses for temporary tournaments and have received some great praise, so in 2017 I want to get my first official course installed into the ground.


 If you're an aspiring professional: Remember to soak up all the information, tips, stories, from the more experienced players. This will help make you a better player without doing anything physical. As for your physical game, make sure to film yourself throw to help study your form and what needs to be worked on, practice by yourself (this helps by not having anyone's influence on your form and fully allowing you to get "inside" your own head), and take care of your body in the offseason so you can make it through the season without any injuries. My advice for the weekend warrior or new player is to always keep it fun! Disc golf is extremely fun and once you start to lose that, you lose everything. If you aren't trying to become a professional, you probably don't need to grind like a pro. Just by playing often, you will get better but make sure to not forget why you started playing in the first place.