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If you have Dude gear already, it would be great to add your feedback to those below. Simply go to the product page of the gear you own and leave your Customer Review in the section provided at the bottom of each page. All reviews are valuable and help future customers buy with confidence. All genuine reviews, one to five star are published.
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The great Bailey review

Chris, You have a winner here brother. It is durable yet lite weight. I was blown away by how well made the garment is. Took a walk in a cold rain the other day and I was completely dry and warm. Well done Chris.

The great Dac review

Super pants!!! My son wears them to school 3 days out of 5. I wear them more than I wear any other pants, on or off the coarse.


I have bought my husband several pairs of these pants and they are wonderful. He wears them all the time for disc golfing and even when we are just out for date night and DAMN they look good on him. I appreciate the work that this company does, not only does my husband look amazing his butt looks great in these pants!

Great shirt!

I bought it for the styling but the feel itโ€™s great also!


I usually have an awkward time find clothes because I'm an in between size. However, my boyfriend bought me my first polo, shorts, and practice shirt from Dude....They fit great and are super amazing and light weight. They are great for practice or competition.

Works well

I like it. The lid spins well and holds 24 oz of coffee. Couldnโ€™t tell you how long it stays hot..I drink it before it cools off. Thanks!

Lovely! (as they say down under)

I am tremendously pleased with my purchase from DUDE Clothing. It was a birthday gift for my son who is an avid disc golfer and one that enjoys wearing color coordinated, stylish disc golf clothing. He had not heard of DUDE but was thrilled! The items I ordered were exactly as described and they shipped early! I appreciate the quality and the customer service experience. I plan to order much DUDE stuff and now, so will my son.

Thank you for such a great experience.


Love the Dacs! Ordered a second pair right after trying on the first pair! Only slight downside is there is only one length... so youโ€™re likely to need them altered... but it makes sense that they made them extra long. Plenty of extra reflective material on the inside as well to account for the likelihood of alterations.
Love these pants!

Perfect for Cold Weather Disc Golf!

I wish I'd found this product a long time ago, as it is the perfect answer to cold rounds of disc golf. I played an Ice Bowl round this past weekend and it snowed during a majority of the round. My core stayed plenty warm with only my new Tech Arms and a polo. Looking forward to trying out more Dude apparel!

Got this in a subscription box

Got a black hat with orange emblem... man this hat is sweet buying another one cause its blue with an orange... Go Broncos all day

Another Great Polo

This is not just a reskin of the same DUDE polos we know and love.
The poly/cotton blend feels like a traditional polo short but it feels incredibly light and soft.

Buy These Pants!

I bought a pair and loved them right off. Comfortable for all day wear. Nice enough to wear to the office and head straight to the course after work without skipping a beat. I loved them so much I bought 2 more pair without even hesitating. The only disc golf pant you'll ever need. Stretchy, cool, warm and so very comfortable. Comparable pants by the big name outdoor companies are higher priced and frankly don't even come close in durability and quality. Plus this supports the sport! So just buy them! Shipped in the US by Gotta Go Gotta Throw and hands down the customer service is the best in Disc Golf!

Whoa dude!!

This is the best jacket I have ever bought! Top notch quality material. It just hit the mailbox today! Thanks Chris ๐Ÿค™โœŒ๏ธ

Well worth the wait

I had wanted a Tech Caddy jacket for a long time, but my size was out of stock, and at the time they were not in production. so when I saw they were taking preorders I jumped on the boat to help and got my size at an amazing price. Well close to a year later I got my jacket and it was well worth the wait. I can't say enough about Chris and his staff. There communication throughout the process was top notch. Thank you again for such a great product.

P.S. to anyone reading this. They usually don't take that long but they had some hiccups along the way, and once they got the jackets I had it in two days.

Amazing multi-purpose pants!

I'm an avid disc golfer, and these are great for that in cooler weather. However, I wear these to work with a dress shirt. I wear them casually at home and out with friends. They are so comfortable and they look super slick! I bought a second color!


Great socks

Unsinkable are Unmatched

These are unmatched for quality and value=-O ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

Awesome product!!

I got the Dude Dacs as a Christmas present for my brother and he couldn't be more stoked for them, as am I. They totally exceeded expectations and are the most comfy pants he's ever worn! I can't wait to get myself a pair either. Shipping was stress free and got here on time for Christmas. Thank you DUDE for the outstanding products!! #discgolf4life

Ok, Boomer!

Don't be confused! This shirt will comfortably fit everyone! And the built-in sunglass cloth, on the inside of the shirt, is pure genius! Keep it up, DUDE!

Comfortable and stylish!

I love my DUDE Clothing Mundaring Hat! It fits perfect and looks smooth as any disc in flight! I'll be rocking this hat all season long!

The best dg shorts ever

But former model (orange signs, little bit shorter) was better :)

Exactly what my son wanted for Christmas! Great quality and very fast shipping.

Nice shorts!

These shorts fit me perfectly and are very comfortable!


I recently bought my husband his 2nd pair of Dude Dacs. They are his โ€œgo toโ€ pants. The first pair had gotten some pretty good snags digging around in the rough for his discs. Itโ€™s difficult to find clothing with a long enough inseam for his 6โ€™3โ€ frame. These and a pair of Tracky Dacs fit the bill



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